Looking to sell your New Orleans home, but not sure what your property is worth? Or maybe you are just wondering what competing properties are being marketed at in your neighborhood?

The keys to establishing what your house is worth are the asking price of local comparable properties and the prices achieved for recent sales. In New Orleans, these prices can fluctuate based on a variety of factors.  Contact Realty Group NOLA to get an estimate of your home’s value if you are looking to sell!

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Pricing Your New Orleans Home is Most Crucial Step in Selling Process

If you’re thinking about selling your New Orleans home but you’re not sure how much it’s worth? We at Realty Group Nola are here to assist you in the process! As real estate experts we believe, pricing your home is one of the most crucial steps, if not the most crucial, in the home selling process.

If you’re seriously beginning to research what your New Orleans home is worth you maybe using public records and market trends to provide an estimate of what your house may be worth today.

However, the true value of your home may vary greatly from what you had in in your mind as your well informed, “guesstimate” and often times your estimate does not take into account the unique features of your home.

What Realty Group Nola provides you is not only the professional research which includes public records and market trends but also, takes into account our industry knowledge of details which homeowners can often overlook, like the the unique features of a home.

Realty Group Nola will provide you with the necessary research, comparables and specified professional insight needed to assist you in making an informed pricing decision, with our deep understanding and years of local experience, we are New Orleans Real Estate experts.

Resources for Your Research:   market temperature map  and a neighborhood heat map

Selling Your New Orleans Home Could Have You Ready to Profit 

“Home prices are headed upward. And while the market may not turn uniformly hot throughout the area, many New Orleans owners who are thinking of putting a house on the market could be poised to profit.” (source)

As we mentioned in a previous article, Millennials around the country and other young buyers are showing a preference for inner city residences and neighborhoods. Being within walking distance of good restaurants, performing arts venues and other hubs of activity are proving to be important purchase points for new home buyers in New Orleans.

Not surprisingly this trend has fueled the development of many new apartments in downtown areas and in the Warehouse District.

Of course, historically The Garden District, Uptown , Lakefront and Across Lake Pontchartrain, west St. Tammany Parish, have all enjoyed strong home price appreciation in the past, and this year these same areas are expected to drive the local price increases which give sellers sweet possibilities of profit.

Other good news for NOLA sellers includes the “hotbeds” neighborhoods such as Bywater, Marigny and portions of Mid-City. These areas are targets for many people who see neighborhoods such as the Garden District and Uptown as too expensive, and for younger buyers who are interested in investing sweat equity into a more reasonably priced property to boost its re-sale value.(source)

So many options for sellers and buyers! Get in the game today!


At Realty Group NOLA, we’re experts on all of the neighborhoods in New Orleans.

Give us a call 504-312-9768  today and we’ll help you search for new homes in New Orleans and to find out which neighborhood is a perfect fit for you!


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