5 Tips for Buyers on Their Homesearch


Are you in the market for a new home?  Realty Group NOLA offers these 5 smart home buying tips to help you on your homesearch! Some of these are unexpected, but you will thank us for bringing them to the light after you buy your New Orleans home.

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  1. Buy a house priced no more than 2.5 times your annual salary. This is a realistic guideline to ensure you can realistically afford your mortgage. If you need an estimate, use this free mortgage calculator. We would all love to purchase our dream home but sometimes it isn’t realistic. However, that does not mean that you cannot choose a home within your budget that has potential. While you are on your homesearch, choose a home you can afford and then spend the extra money on sprucing it up a bit. This can happen over the course of a couple of years when you have flexibility in your budget. This way the extra money spent will not be a mandatory expense that may cause stress, but a luxury that will be appreciated.

Unexpected Things to Consider in Your Homesearch

2. Buy a house in an excellent school district, even if you don’t have children. This will increase your resale value drastically once you’re ready to sell. Many people do not think of this possibility if they don’t want kids. However, you will thank yourself when you get a bigger return when reselling your home.

3. Before you buy your home, hire a home inspector to find any problems the house may have. This will help head off any problems once the sale goes through. When you have found the house you want within your budget and your homesearch comes to end, make sure you cover all possible problems. The home should be thoroughly inspected by a professional before any contracts are signed.

4. Get pre-approved on your mortgage. This will help you have more negotiating power with the seller. You are not the only ones on a homesearch. Anything you can do to get ahead when applying for the home you want is necessary. Real estate in New Orleans is highly competitive. Get pre-approved to increase your chances of owning the home of your choice.

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5. Tour the neighborhood before you buy. Drive around to local shopping centers and restaurants. Plus, always ‘test’ drive to work during peak traffic hours to make sure your commute is manageable. It is easy to get excited over the look and feel of a house. It is also easy to let this excitement blind you from other important factors of your homesearch. The home may be beautiful inside and outside, but make sure the surrounding environment complements the house as well. Some buyers embark on their homesearch by neighborhood. The New Orleans neighborhood you live in can have a direct impact on your quality of life no matter how amazing your house is. Make sure you can picture yourself living in the home as well as walking around the neighborhood, being able to take a short trip to the grocery store, leave your car parked without worries, etc.


We hope you find these tips helpful when searching for a home. We know the difficulties of the homesearch through and through and are here to help you.


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