Tips That Make Home Sales Easier

Most sellers are unaware of how much curb appeal can drastically impact the selling price of their home in New Orleans. These small updates we have listed are proven to increase home sales. In New Orleans, many buyers are looking for that traditional NOLA style. Updating or increasing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to mean investing in a full renovation of the front exterior. However, it can be small changes to catch even the discernible eye. This can be anything from new landscaping to a drop of color on the front of the house. Check out our 5 simple upgrades to give your house a bit more appeal.

  1. Give your front door a facelift! 

Painting your door a different color can make a huge difference. Adding additional molding or brighter hardware can improve it as well. Buyers are usually seeing 10 or more houses in New Orleans in a short amount of time. First impressions are crucial. You can even grab some paint at the store and do it yourself.

  1. Hide your air conditioners/ bulky trash cans.

Air conditioners and trash cans can be a huge eyesore on a beautiful New Orleans home. There are many budget friendly ways to hide these spaces. Use a small amount of side paneling, tall hedges, or decorative iron fencing to create a small barrier in the general vicinity. The focus will no longer be on the eyesores and you may in fact contribute to the European feel certain NOLA buyers are looking for.

Green Front Yards Increase Home Sales

  1. Add window baskets.

Window boxes with brightly colored flowers can make your windows look larger and brighten even the dreariest of facades. These not only make the outside of the house look more appealing but can also be seen from the inside so everyone can enjoy. Carry the color to the front garden beds and your home will look like a completely different place! Home sales usually go a lot easier if the outside stands out. New Orleans home buyers will remember the “home with the flowers in the windows.”

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  1.  Replace or repair windows.

Windows are the eyes into the home and their appearance is important.  Make sure that trim is nicely painted and any broken panes are fixed.  Even replacing windows with the hinged variety that makes cleaning easy can be a worthwhile investment. It is these small details that can make a difference for home sales in New Orleans.

  1.  Tidy up the garden.

If you are fortunate to have a bit of green space in the front of your home, it is important to keep this clean.  Rake up old leaves, discard trash, and make sure hedges and grass are trimmed.  This will significantly contribute to making a great first impression on any buyer. If you don’t have any green in your front yard, then consider investing in some potted plants to place in front of the door. A little green can go a long way!

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We hope these simple steps help increase the overall value of your home! If you are ready to sell and would like an expert realty team to help, contact Realty Group NOLA today! If you have any other simple tips to increase the value of your home then please comment them below.








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